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A friend shows a two-minute video of Buna. The cameraman started his camera from the centre of the pool in front of the hatch from which spews the richest well in Europe. He caught the sun swaying on the surface of the river. Camera’s eye is raised toward the rock: light is reflected from the water across the board cliff. The camera moves to the Tekke. And behold! - A miracle that no one has ever seen: Reflections on the rock formed flares, real and impressive that took our breaths away: the flames licked the stone archway like "God’s giving" unprecedented!

The area around the source of the Buna in Blagaj has always been "strange" and "mysterious", a place of people’s prayers- from Bogumils and before them the Roman Pagans, and even older ones, Illyrian worshipers of water gods and protectors of human life.

 Velika pećina

The fortress on top of the cliff in its building structure hides all sorts of layers of time. Science had them "sorted": from the Austro-Hungarian and Turkish adaptation, ruins of the house Hranić to the Roman "herringbone" and Illyrian megaliths. There is ''a little'' history: a mere 2,000 years!

A scientific team gathered around professor Enver Imamović, after one in early fifties of the 20th century (discovery of  "Zelena pećina") – brought in new "facts" of prehistory! Imamović has found two previously unknown locations – Velika pećina and Vučje točilo.

Velika pećina is located 70-80 m above the spring. Before its entrance a stone pillar stands. Imamović thought that this is an altar of natural rock with two to three worked up stairs, of unknown deity of Neolithic inhabitants. This reminds the professor of the one in the Delphic sanctuary which once adorned the temple of Apollo, in a phallic shape, called ''Navel of the world''. Into the cave, the team climbed with the aid of a mountain climbing team, and when they got hold of a floating position of  the "mainland", they saw a sight that has not been seen for hundreds or thousands of years. It is described, succinctly, as follows:  The area of the cave is about 40 m2. Dimensions: 11.5x4.80. At the edges of openings: drywall ... Branch - semi-cave: 2.90x1.70 m. Here is buried the first probe. In the first layer ancient pottery was found; in the second, of a metre, pieces of treated plank and one rack. And human bones. Several fragments of sheet metal. Iron peg measuring 6 cm. Fragments of glasses. There were also some pieces of a yellow mixture, a mineral. Fragments of pottery, parts of the human skeleton, remains of planks and bits of minerals pointing to "a grave". The items are from different eras, and "Earth movements" mixed them up and rifled them!

                                                               Zelena pećina - artefakti

In conclusion "ceramics and yellowish mineral belong to the prehistoric times, fragments of glass and planks with pieces of sheet metal are medieval products, as well as several rectangular iron peaks of arrow type of crossbow bolts. Someone "shot" them from the present Tekke’s courtyard aiming at eagles or collared doves. It was found that bits of minerals are - sulphur. It was used in prehistory and early classical antiquity in cult rituals.

Locals have drawn attention to the professor to another cave in the cliff, called Vučje točilo. It has been devastated by an unknown visitor. It abounds in fragments of Metal Age pottery full of impresso decorations: nail marks, stamping, pinching fingers, poking.

In its vicinity is the famous Zelena pećina. Alojz Benac thought it was an occasional residence of the people of the Mediterranean type, while for the Vučje točilo Imamovic believes it  have been a permanent residence of the same racial, cultural and customary type of our ancestors. Zelena pećina's recent investigation is not only confirmed by the first-class discovery of the last century, but also deepened the knowledge that its dwellers followed the ritual of human sacrifice! "Within the fireplace are found children's bones with traces of gnawing. They belonged to children under five years of age - the report says. Empty children's view of the skull is a silent cry that should "appease evil spirits", "stop the pestilence of community members " in the years of famine or facing hardship.

All this "enormous time" hidden from history arises from the cavity of Blagaj cliffs and around it, saying that we have been here for at least 7000 years. Secret of Children's skulls chases away evil spirits from us, and underground traces of pilgrimage sites under the Tekke – with a muffled echo of the prayers of good Christians and Muslims, resonate, redesigned, to this day ...

Iz dvojezicne knjige - uskoro u knjižarama: PUT U BLAGAJ DUG 2000 GODINA / JOURNEY TO BLAGAJ 2000 YEARS LONG
Prijevod na engleski: Amina Imami

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